Expectation vs. Reality: Pregnancy Edition

Imagine finding out you’re pregnant and then the world shuts down the very next day.

I found out I was pregnant on March 12, 2020 in the midst of the COVID news spreading throughout the world. The day before, I was hesitant about going to work the next day in fear of potentially getting my father sick. He has an autoimmune disorder and I wanted to take precaution. I worked from home that day, took a pregnancy test because I had missed a period and there it was, a positive test! 

 I celebrated a special moment with my partner and then questioned what was next to come. It was that very same day that I realized that this experience was going to be different. It was hard to get an appointment for my first OB visit and ultrasound. Little did I know that it wouldn’t get any better (at the time we didn’t see COVID going on for over a year). 

Then it began, QUARANTINE!

Ugh! None of my pregnancy dreams became reality because we were stuck at home. Can you believe that one day I wanted Pollo Loco and they ran out of chicken? While I was pregnant? This all happened because of early lockdown mandates. That’s just one of the things that stands out because it was a big let down but it’s little things like that I remember the most. They vary from not being able to see my family, not being able to share ultrasound moments in person with my partner, & NO BABY SHOWER *tears*. It was rough!  

Although this experience wasn’t what I expected, there were some positive takeaways from it all. I grew closer to my partner than ever before. He’s forever my best friend and I trust him with my life after this experience. I feel that we were able to ground ourselves and connect on a new level. This was fundamental for when little Soul was born because we were already in tune. Some days I do wish I could rewind and have this experience be different and to be completely honest, some days I’m so wrapped up in my daughter that it makes me forget everything that went wrong. Regardless, this is my story and I have to believe that it was meant to happen for a reason.

I called her my little warrior while I was pregnant, because we were going through it together (we still are).

I hope she’s able to carry that strength with her as she grows up.   

- Arleen Rivera, Marketing Professional, Mom.   


Arleen is a first generation Latina who grew up in South East Los Angeles. She is currently a Manager for International Content Marketing at Starz and a mother to her daughter, Soul Aleez. She is proud of her Guatemalan-American background and is motivated by her family to pursue all her aspirations in life. In her spare time, you can catch her on her podcast, “Hustle & Soul” alongside her fiancé, where they highlight real and raw life stories ranging from relationships to business experiences.